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D'ANDREA® Boring Tools & Facing Heads

ACC Tooling & Repair, Inc. is a premier provider of D'ANDREA precision tooling products, from AUTORADIAL automatic facing heads, to the U-TRONIC large sized boring and facing heads that allow turning operations on fixed pieces. We offer the full D'ANDREA product line, so call us directly to ask about any item not listed.


The AUTORADIAL offers a range of facing heads featuring automatic working feed and rapid return of the tool slide. It does not stop or reverse the spindle of the machine tool, only when resetting for the next working cycle.

Three Models With No Electronic Interface

AUTORADIAL heads are applicable on machining centers and on NC machines, without the need for any electronic interface. They automatically execute a working cycle of advance and return. The machine spindle must be reversed to reset the head for the next operation. The heads are produced in three models, AR100, AR125, and AR160, and are supplied with one feed rate gear module. Six different and interchangeable feeds are available.


U-TRONIC offers a wide range of medium and large servo-controlled heads for machining centers and specialized machines. Controlled by the U axis of the CNC, the U-TRONIC can perform facing and back-facing, cylindrical and conical boring, threading, concave and convex radius machining, and complex profiles, by the interpolation of the other machine axes.

Eight Standard Models and Special Versions

These heads can be fitted manually, automatically, or through palletized systems, on boring machines and specialized machines. They are available in eight standard models, between 180mm and 1000mm diameter, all of them with an internal coolant supply. In addition, U-TRONIC heads are supplied in special dual slide versions, or with counterweights for tool slide balancing and high speed.