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ACC Tooling Partners With D'ANDREA®

We are an authorized D'ANDREA service center in the United States, located in Siler City, North Carolina. ACC Tooling has been performing service and repairs since May 2002 in support of the D'ANDREA product line in North America. We have experienced exciting growth and now offer product sales and technical support as a distributor for D'ANDREA's high precision machining tools.  Let our MONO-D toolholder get to work for you.

D'ANDREA Product

D'ANDREA Service

Regardless of its age, complexity, or style, if it's a D'ANDREA product we can fix and fully service it. Call us today for a fast, free estimate, and you will be pleasantly surprised. We are the only authorized D'ANDREA Tooling, Repair, and Service Center for North America.

We Supply:

  • D'ANDREA Products
  • Right Angle Heads
  • Inserts
  • Demo Tooling
  • Rental Tooling


D'ANDREA produces high precision tooling ranging from the toolholder line MONO-D to the strongest and most accurate modular system in the industry, the MODULHARD'ANDREA (MHD). Incorporated with adjustable TRM boring heads, the MHD system can produce bores from 3mm to 1100mm with accuracies achievable of 2 microns. D'ANDREA also has a mechanical boring head, the AUTORADIAL, capable of producing a phonographic finish with various feed rates. D'ANDREA has a variety of smaller servo-driven heads that can be interfaced with the machine tool and automatically be changed in and out with the tool changer.

D'ANDREA also has a large, high precision boring head, the U-TRONIC,  that comes in many different sizes. The U-TRONIC is a servo-controlled boring head, primarily used on big-bodied machines. It can be loaded manually or with a pallet system. D'ANDREA has a wide range of products to provide solutions for all of your boring and turning needs, for both ID and OD operations.