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D'ANDREA® Toolholders

ACC Tooling & Repair, Inc. is a premier provider of D'ANDREA precision tooling products, located in Siler City, North Carolina. From Monobloc toolholders like the MONO-D with its highly competitive price, to the modular MODULHARD'ANDREA (MHD) with its extreme flexibility, we offer the full D'ANDREA product line. Call us directly to ask about any item, including our U-TRONIC model.


MONO-D is D'ANDREA 's new high precision Monobloc toolholder. It is available in in the complete range of DIN 69871 and MAS-BT spindles, sizes ISO 40 and 50. The MONOd' program includes ER collet chuck holders in different lengths, WD Weldon toolholders, face mill holders, MS tapping toolholders and CM morse taper toolholders. This exciting new product is now available through ACC Tooling.

MONO-D Product


MODULHARD'ANDREA (MHD) is a high precision modular toolholder. The coupling system consists of a cylindrical, conical joint. When joined together, it automatically centralizes. A slight deformation occurs during lock-down and produces the strongest joint in the industry.


  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Profiling
  • Tapping


  • Concentricity
  • Flexibility
  • Precision
  • Quality
  • Rigidity

A Complete System

The MHD tooling system is built in accordance with DIN, ISO, HSK, BT, and CAT standards, and each system comes with:

  • Extensions & Reducers
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Double-Bit Boring Bars (2.5mm to 500mm diameter)
  • Finishing TRM Testarossa Heads
  • Balanceable TRM heads & Balancing Rings (Up to 20,000 rpm)
MHD Tool

The Adapters You Need

Each MHD tooling system comes with a wide variety of adapters, including:

  • Weldon/Whistle-Notch Holders
  • Milling Cutter Holders
  • Tapping Chucks
  • Morse Taper Holders
  • Coolant Chucking Tools
  • Semi-Finished Cartridges for Special Applications

Eight Different Sizes

The MHD modular toolholder system is available in eight different sizes to guarantee full interchangeability of all the components to perform various tasks. A wide range of extensions and reducers are available in different lengths, enabling the assembly of various components to perform various tasks. Wintool tooling software is available. It aids in the development of tools for the tool crib or tool designer and provides a breakdown of all components.

MODULHARD'ANDREA is the best performing and most economical product on the market. D'ANDREA has simplified and perfected the manufacturing process and produces components in large batches to keep customer prices as low as possible.